I'm doing camp nano this month. I hadn't told anyone before now. Mostly because I've nano'd so many times now it's hardly worth talking about anymore. Also, everything I've written for the last 3 years has been shit, so, you know, best to assume no one but me will ever see it anyway.

Biscuit (9yo) was asked his favourite colour. He replied #452445.

I wonder how long it'll be before I accidentally post toots to twitter...

Woops. Biscuit has stormed off to his room. Fair enough ;)

Considering counting the number of times I hear 'I CAN DO IT' and 'no, do it THIS way'

Hubby and Biscuit are baking muffins together. Hubby is a control freak, and Biscuit is an 'I CAN DO IT MYSELF' 9yo. It's hilarious.

Armageddon today (nz's 'geek event'). Exhausting. It's more for the kids these days than us grownups. Lots of Doctor Who for Miss11. Lots of Pokemon for Biscuit. Tired Mum and Dad. Though, I did buy myself a Slytherin mug. Not that I need any more coffee mugs, but SLYTHERIN! cybre.space/media/iAx51CTFT6m2

Armageddon (nz's pop culture con thing) tomorrow. I'm tired, there's a million things to do before we jump in the car tomorrow, and it's real hard to get enthused.

I'm up, because it's time to get up. For the next hour, I get to repeat myself approximately 100,000 times as I supervise the kids getting ready for school and chase them out the door.

Then I might go back to bed. Repeating oneself 100,000 times is exhausting.

I'm awake and drinking coffee at 4.30am. This isn't good.

I spend more time organising my calibre library than I do actually reading. I feel like there's inherently something wrong with that.

It's almost 11am. I have a huge laundry pile waiting for me and I haven't been in the garden in days. And it's cold. It's very hard to get up right now.

So I generally avoid tumblr unless I'm posting gifs. The tumblr timeline is an evil black hole of bad. But I had to go on today because I was looking for the dramatic uproar in response to the SPN S12 finale. Imagine my disappointment when I find none. I guess I don't follow the kind of fans that would uproar at something I was celebrating...

It's been a couple weeks. Too much RL social shit tends to make me hide from online. Overstimulation or some shit. I made strawberry jam today. It's awesome. Better than a bought one.

Now I somehow have to sleep because I have to wake up in 5 hours and launch myself into a big old social weekend. It'll take me the whole week to recover/recharge, once its all over.

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Oh, and I was the only person in the room without Facebook.

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And that shit just makes me think it'd be better to just stay home next time.

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I find myself being jealous of people who are normal. Get quite bitter, sometimes. Especially when I'm going over conversations in my head later on and hearing shit that most likely was not there.

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