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idk why i'm saying this as a heads up if you can see this message you're obviously active enough to not meet my criteria for making your account unfollow

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also, in preparation for aliases eventually working again on chitter, i'm softblocking accounts currently following me that haven't posted in over a year (pretty generous if you ask me), unless:
- we are moots
- you're someone i know outside of mastodon and i hope you come back some time
i don't know how the hell i got as many followers as i did and frankly the number being so high stresses me out so while i'm moving i might as well do some spring cleaning too

ok, new account is at @vagabondsun but i'm having trouble setting up an account alias at the moment
you can be proactive and follow me now if you want, and i guess i'll get to the proper procedure in due time for the rest of the bunch

could go to, could go to, could spin up a personal instance.......

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or not, since it appears registrations are closed \o/ maybe that'll change for a bit in light of this, but i'll put my feelers out elsewhere too i guess

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heck, just got the news about this instance retiring. i think i've been here for my whole mastodon career, so it'll be weird to go. i might move to, on account of being, y'know, a dragon :v

i mean, i'm enthusiastic about it in general! but also i think it would feel good to be the person who gets pinged when someone is like hey why am i getting lunar Sobek vibes is that a thing and be like boy do i have some information for you

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as much as i'm trying to avoid feeding too much into the idea that i need to have some kind of Thing or Speciality to be of value to the KO community i do kind of want to be the Obscure Sobek Syncs guy

(complaining on pillowfort about the ways that people use tone tags counter to their stated goal is a bit of an ongoing saga for me)

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this is a reminder to my future self to make a pillowfort post complaining about the fact that i'm now seeing tone tags based on discord server-specific in-jokes

yakuza 5 spoilers 

i can't believe daigo broke bad over a high school baseball match

it's one of the microtonal ones but that doesn't really narrow it down. i think it used a lyre??

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hey you know that video that's a person going on an incredibly long journey in first person through a planet zoo world and when they get to the top it's just an enclosure with a tiny frog in it
what's the name of the king gizz song in that it's stuck in my head

found an app where the dark mode is red text on black and god that's so much nicer on my eyes. more apps should do that

explaining the blockchain to kemetic pagans for dummies

what if all the social media managers for all the corporations just quit. i think that would be very cool

i think i need to look more like a witch when i go outside

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see the end-of-life plan for details: