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with the heat being so all over the place recently my guitar won't fucking stay in tune


you can tell the yoga sesh was good when you need to take a huge shit afterwards

much love to the very drunk girls on this train discussing the literary merits of the polish dub of shrek

milngavie and menzies, the twin terrors of scottish spelling bees

godphone woo, wep ronpet is a-comin' 

me: hey i've slept like shit recently but the events for your day go to like two in the morning on tuesday so if you could bless me with magical energy to get through that all and still be ok to travel the next day that'd be swell
set: or you could just... not go to all the events? i won't be mad
me: listen if i was looking for sensible advice i would've gone to the other dad

i think it's really funny that calcium carbonate is just a naturally occuring rock. it's a rock we find in the ground and then we eat it to make our tummies feel less spicy

heard we don't talk about bruno for the first time after managing to avoid it this long and i genuinely can't believe people are calling it the best disney song of all time. what the fuck

As further described in this thread, Otherkin Day will be this weekend! There is no prescribed way to observe it, it's up to you. What plans have any of you made for it?
#Otherkin #OtherkinDay

do i really have any right listing fr pronoun preferences in my bio when my ability to speak french is so poor these days

bears really are the tigers of dogs if you think about it

thinking with fondness of the person who hacked the alt+h website when i'd just started out only to drop a text file in the root directory explaining that i hadn't secured the ftp properly and how to fix it

i wish all military personnel a very become infertile

when god drew me he did not check his work by flipping the canvas

bugsnax is like... the opposite of yakuza. vibeswise

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