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me as an astronaut signing the contract before i go in the training centrifuge where i agree to not tell anyone that occlusion culling is real

love too send my bf a meme from bed and hear him laugh in the other room

*smokes a stick of cedarwood scented nippon kodo morningstar incense like a cigarette*

A really good video about VRChat and a potential positive future of VR worlds

web developers i work with love me for my propensity to make all numerical values for css variables multiples of three

the benthic zone, huh? lotta people interested in that lately...

i hate mobile first web design!! i'll be dead before i use min-width media queries

i've been thinking about making a temple in vrchat and i'm definitely going to make all the figures praising the gods on the wall reliefs furries

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putting malt powder and espresso powder in my hot chocolate feels like that tumblr post about mixing dayquil and nyquil

much like riding a bike if you ever learn to play good riddance on guitar you will never forget that shit. it's in your bones forever

if anyone tries that 'brother in christ' meme on me i'm actually going to put an ancient egyptian curse on them

did the grumpuses start using snak as an explative after they got to snaktooth island or did they actually come from a culture that said things equivalent to "what the bigfoot"

ough i actually have statues for kissing the face of Ra this year that's exciting


Wordle 325 4/6


the wordle... is me

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