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despite its reputation scott pilgrim is still a really fucking good movie actually

How about if I posted things like this about #otherkin, #therian, & #alterhuman history once in a while:

In 1998, exactly 24 years ago to the day, Roy Wilkinson created Unicorns United, a site for people who are unicorns at heart:


freeze some grapes and eat them. you won't regret it

kirby and the forgotten land spoilers 

why does the lion have psychic powers

one of the lesser considered consequences of brexit is the new lack of protection from baneful witches

with apologies to the scots 

Hebrides nuts

𓀥   𓁆 𓀕

𓁆 𓀟  𓀣 𓁀

speedwagon fucking rules he gets his ass kicked by joseph once and he's like you are the most incredible person in the world and i would die for you. he goes from mugging a man to crying about how beautiful he is in like 30 seconds. his hat is full of knives


saw someone in a discord i'm in complaining about how they couldn't watch our flag means death because they didn't have fuckin. whatever streaming service and
1) i legitimately forget that there are still people who pay for shit like this
2) it's a show about pirates man c'mon

exercised three times this week, i hope Papadile is proud 😩💦

collecting reference pictures of dakhleh and faiyum for art reasons amd my heart can't take this man i wanna be there

i don't know what emotion froggy chair default dancing emoji represents but it's one i feel often

i might mention it in alt+h for the handful of ko people in there i guess. also @ the one (1) ko person who follows me on here you can come too if you want w

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