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it seems like everyone getting named this month went to the wednesday one, so there might be nobody else at ours. and i haven't told anyone that it's happening sooo
i think it would be pretty funny to just not mention it was happening and suddenly have a name in my nick. people do it with the rpd but i don't think i've heard of anyone not mentioning their naming before

i Was working on a rewrite in my userspace until my vpn bypass for wikipedia (bc it doesn't let you edit from vpn ips) decided to spontaneously stop working. i guess that's netjer telling me to go to bed

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the current wikipedia article for kemeticism cites:
- a blog post by devo
- an essay from neos alexandria... on hellenismos
- a czech pagan forum. the top level domain for all the boards. not a specific thread or post

this kills the mord

listen... i am trying to identify a sloe tree so i can forage from it later in the year. apparently the blossoms taste like almond and i'm being slightly more cautious than wholesale swallowing it

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i hope my bf doesn't wake up and see me hunched over my desk licking tree blossoms right now

why did 4e need three player's handbooks. why did it need three monster manuals and two dm guides and a player strategy guide

booty shorts that say 'NOTICE: You are seeing this message because you have apache2 package installed.'

psych meds 

taking a prochlorperazine bc i'm sick of being manic
the supply i have i got as a migraine anaphalactic in the ER and the fact it made me feel so whacked out was a major piece of evidence for my schizoaffective diagnosis
but the normal dosage for use as an antipsychotic is 75-100mg per day. normal migraine med dosage is 5-20mg. these tablets are 3mg and a single one is usually enough to completely bring me to a halt

when the south lunar node stops conjuncting my natal pluto on april 5th it's over for you hoes

today i am transcribing hymns and prayers from some of the modern kemetic books i have and it's nice that there's actually kind of a significant body of work there now? the kemetic daily devotional is a really great entry to the canon and i hope more people outside of ko catch wind of it

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i'm glad the rpd gives an order for beloveds because otherwise i would be constantly agonizing over which order it seemed fair to have them in my notes and such


Wordle 248 5/6



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further interesting thing: the nyt version seems to read the cookie for the sake of importing your score from the old site to the new... even after i've continued to use the cached old site. forbidden wordle wins are mine

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i didn't realize that nyt had bought wordle because... the old powerlanguage one is still running in one of my mobile tabs. going to the same url in a new tab redirects it to the nyt site now, but this old tab still works fine. interestingly enough, it uses a different wordlist. i know from 3b1b's recent video that the whole thing is actually clientside, including the array that stores the answers. so i guess i'm just gonna keep doing that one until it runs out. here's today's:

y'know i probably would not have nearly as much webmin experience as i do at this point in my life if it weren't for .house being a valid tld


Wordle 230 2/6



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god the sun emoji is so good
it communicates that i'm friendly without forcing me to emote or resorting to other normal people gestures of warmth that feel inauthentic for me as someone who is basically Dead Inside
and it's also incredibly exactly my aesthetic

joke that only people who are both tokiponists and familiar with egyptology will get 

jan Assman

today i've managed to have three types of headache at once so that's pretty cool


god i love when i find a pdf on libgen of some obscure academic text and it's literally just photographs of the page spreads. gods bless whoever went to all that effort to put this knowledge out into the world

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