thinking with fondness of the person who hacked the alt+h website when i'd just started out only to drop a text file in the root directory explaining that i hadn't secured the ftp properly and how to fix it

i wish all military personnel a very become infertile

Otherkin Day & Therianthropy Day + 

Mark your calendars for upcoming observances for the #otherkin & #therian communities: #OtherkinDay & #TherianthropyDay.

Otherkin Day will be on July 9, marking when our community coined the word "otherkin" 32 years ago, on July 9, 1990. I interviewed the involved folks about how that happened, which you can read about in the Otherkin Timeline, abridged edition:

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when god drew me he did not check his work by flipping the canvas

bugsnax is like... the opposite of yakuza. vibeswise

me as an astronaut signing the contract before i go in the training centrifuge where i agree to not tell anyone that occlusion culling is real

love too send my bf a meme from bed and hear him laugh in the other room

*smokes a stick of cedarwood scented nippon kodo morningstar incense like a cigarette*

A really good video about VRChat and a potential positive future of VR worlds

web developers i work with love me for my propensity to make all numerical values for css variables multiples of three

the benthic zone, huh? lotta people interested in that lately...

i hate mobile first web design!! i'll be dead before i use min-width media queries

i've been thinking about making a temple in vrchat and i'm definitely going to make all the figures praising the gods on the wall reliefs furries

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putting malt powder and espresso powder in my hot chocolate feels like that tumblr post about mixing dayquil and nyquil

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