i see people doin again so im hoppin on this train

hi im mord and im an undead dark elf
im also:
- as hecke
- and pretentious about it
- an advocate for people with identities
- considering converting to judaism?
- hypermobile with maybe EDS
- horny on main
- actually three people in a trenchcoat

mostly i just sit here and scream about d&d and pirates and being gay, so, not much different from most folks on here. some people find it entertaining?

hey yo! alt+h, my project about identity, is looking for more writers! if you're otherkin, a furry, transhuman, or otherwise not-normatively human and you've got stuff to say about that, maybe consider giving it a look? it'd mean a lot to me :3c alterhuman.net/2017/08/alth-is

> im mord/gaz/jac/yeq (switch it up)
> 20yo scottish disaster, it/they/he, femmeboy xenogenderqueer, likes monsters and not humans.
> solar imagery, magical realism, lawful-good-passing moral aestheticism, taking oneself too seriously, interrogating models, being bad at video games.
> jack of all trades, artist in most senses of the word
> i run alterhuman.net
> em lif her konlang menedri (ask me about my :Y)


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