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i didn't realize that nyt had bought wordle because... the old powerlanguage one is still running in one of my mobile tabs. going to the same url in a new tab redirects it to the nyt site now, but this old tab still works fine. interestingly enough, it uses a different wordlist. i know from 3b1b's recent video that the whole thing is actually clientside, including the array that stores the answers. so i guess i'm just gonna keep doing that one until it runs out. here's today's:

we've had a bit of a glow up in the basement shrine in the past nine months

here is a little dude who plopped themself down right in front of me at the train station and started to fall asleep. absolutely unbothered

me: is pretty content to not be divined and doesn't have any plans to schedule the RPD any time soon
me: suddenly thinks about how it would feel to be a canon Sobek and/or Hathor kid

nsfw shitpost, text in image 

nullcrotch subs be like

i found these in the bottom of a packet of metal straws we bought and idk what they are but they're the nb colors so i like em

also here's the image i made for it on its own if you want to express that you too are a weary computer user

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