just out of curiosity... (boosts v appreciated)

'i am ___ and ___ at math'

hey what's an academically acceptable confidence interval. just wondering

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@migratory yeah, i fully admit that this is incredibly reductive, but i only have so many options and character limits within those options :B

@IceWolf indeed! the character limits on poll options are just super restrictive. it felt slightly better than making the options 'gay'/'straight', but i recognize it still does a pretty bad job of capturing all of the nuances of queer identities, as would any binary!

@vagabondsun Ah OK, gotcha! I'm queer and not at all gay myself (ace, aro, and a literal wolf), so I really appreciate you making it not gay/straight myself. (:

@darckcrystale i guess it's ultimately subjective, but do you have at least a high school level of math education, and can you remember at least some the concepts it taught you? do you find it easy to count money and schedule things? if i could answer 'yes' to these questions, i would consider myself at least OK at math. purely personally speaking!

@patience woof, been there. it's wild how one person can make a difference like that for the rest of your life

@vagabondsun I have a hard time telling whether I'm okay or bad at math.

@Primo my personal metric is 'can i do the math that's required of me to get by at my current life stage?' so, if you're an adult: counting change, scheduling, working out hourly rates, being able to split a bill, tips - if you can do things like that, that's my threshold for OK.

@vagabondsun you're conducting this poll in a fairly biased space, given that the fediverse attracts techies -- which i would argue have a higher chance of being good at math than your average human

@vagabondsun i don't like saying that i'm bad at math. math is a lot of things and i'm good at some of them but a lot of it just confuses me, and i've never personally found application for most of it, in my life.

@vagabondsun queer and I'm alright at basic concepts and arithmetic (my best being geometry), but anything algebra onward was a huge struggle to pass in school :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:


🌹 i feel like this one's a lil biased myself since it seems everyone in the fediverse is queer and a nerd lol (and i mean this in the most endeared way possible)

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