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evidently i've overestimated the ubiquity of The Thing here

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if someone genuinely complimented your shoelaces in this the year 2020 do you think you'd be able to physically stop yourself from saying The Thing

(cognitive behavioural therapy for dummies, third edition, if you were wondering)

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i found these in the bottom of a packet of metal straws we bought and idk what they are but they're the nb colors so i like em

i know is memes and has only existed for 3 weeks but i would love a hades tigers sukajan.........

i am doing
i think it's more funny if i don't know anything about baseball right

caps, repetition, more of the same 

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alt+h is such a rare keyboard shortcut that when i actually come upon it i'm like huh??? huh??????

animal death/harm in the context of an obviously absurd creepypasta but still kinda fucked up 

question for alterhumans+nonhuman-IDing POC and ethnic minorities 

alright thanks for coming to my weekly pale fire shitpost folks. see y'all next sunday

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gay people i do not respect: [picture of charles kinbote]

brigadier sir nils olav iii (a king penguin) and lance corporal cruachan iv (a shetland pony), if you were wondering

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