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i remember shortly after my RPD i confronted Set about His sudden appearance there and He said, essentially, 'i've had my eye on you for longer than you know'
and i just learned i was born under a blood moon so cool ok thanks Dad

this is your regular reminder to think of a truth and a lie about yourself now so you're not caught off guard next time you play fibbage

ALSO the scientific name for the west african crocodile is crocodylus suchus
for 5000 years we have been looking at these little fuckers and saying yeah that's a sobek right there

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when i was a babier pagan i got annoyed that furries referred to 'an anubis' like it was a species but now i know that the middle egyptian word for crocodile was literally sobek so,

talking to my friend from california now that i've met considerably more americans from all over is like
god you really are from california huh

i think gamma is probably the funniest letter of the greek alphabet yeah

someone called my bf a gamma male as a joke and now he's asking me about my stupid theory in order to try and goof on them i'm so proud

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at the time of the first photo i thought i was gonna be a Sobek/Hathor kid w can you tell

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we've had a bit of a glow up in the basement shrine in the past nine months

i cannot stress how much i've thought about this
i have this whole spiel involving the position of mars in your natal chart and common side blotched lizards

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my greatest dream is to convince a dude that he's this secret type of guy known as a gamma male

sometimes i feel distant from my gods and sometimes i see literally any picture of a crocodile and i want to cry

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i spent the afternoon wandering around asscreed oranges tour mode and i'm 🥺🐊🥺🐊🥺🐊 i didn't want to leave the faiyum temple

hoooo Netjer give me the strength to not go off about anarchism in the KO discord tonight

i'm writing some stuff about our lineup for our personal site and like
how come i have 4x more to say about Hethert than any other god

ah fuck i gotta finish disco elysium so i can watch this philosophy youtuber analyze disco elysium

absolutely pummeling my brain trying to read academic papers in french when i haven't read french at even a basic level in years

i don't like when coffee people describe coffee as 'juicy'

honestly just. academics in any group where you are a part of the Object Of Study. pagans in religious studies, neurodiverse folks in psych, furry anthropologists. that shit's hard and risky

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