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sir that's my emotional support 8GB of sims 4 custom content

when i was younger i didn't realize that 'feeling sorry for yourself' was meant to imply you were being unreasonable so when people would accuse me of that i'd be like yes??? i'm sorry that i don't deserve to feel like this???

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i love that littlekuriboh very unironically likes jaden/judai bc like. bitc h me too

the context i'm most familiar with that tune in is fuckin, christian boarding school singing i vow to thee my country so i just about shat myself for a second there

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interesting choice for the sims 4 to put holst's jupiter in the fucking CaS screen???

don't let anyone tell you a sandwich doesn't taste different when you eat it upside down

all the world's a game, and all the men and women merely let's players,

turkey sausage is like the ambient music of meat

the fact that classical art exists in the animal crossing universe raises some questions. when did their pop culture diverge from ours, if at all? was van gogh still a human in their world? since you're the only villager who seems capable of doing shit like making decent amounts of money or even actually catching bugs/fish, have all cultural achievements similarly been made only by humans??

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yakuza/rgg, lewd 

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