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dua set, great of magic and strength, for seeing that my tangy cheese doritos didn't go stale even though the bag has been sitting open for like a week on my floor

i feel like for a lot of people i know i feel a generational divide less along the millenial/zoomer line and more along whether our introduction to the internet was with web 1.0 or 2.0

A thing that has been suggested to UK peeps to help out - write to your MP to pressure the UK government to stop exporting rubber bullets, tear gas and riot shields (which the UK exports *a lot of*) to the US:

Find your MP:

Template (vary some of this so it doesn't get automatically filtered out):

I know the scottish contingency on the fediverse is a bit sparse, but here's a list of scottish anti-racist organisations you can and should donate to, courtesy of Living Rent's twitter:

Saheliya -

Positive Action in Housing -

Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights-

Ethnic Minority National Resistance Network-

wait since when did we have bookmarks on cybre??

Ignorance is not an excuse: if you haven't done any reading or engagement with critical race theory, there are roughly a million reading lists online. Here's the syllabus from a course offered at Brown in 2017, with links to PDFs of most of the readings:

If you're white and want to understand the history and context of what is happening AND limit the deleterious effects of your own privilege, this is a great place to start.

jut saw a butch lesbian dirk strider edit and a twink mlm dirk strider edit on my dash one after the other and i'm glad SOMEONE knows what i'm about


also while i'm having word opinions, people should use 'atop' and 'betwixt' more often

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pragmatic and dogmatic, and orthopraxy and orthodoxy, but praxis and dogma? devs pls fix

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it's listening to bands i liked as a teen but didn't keep up with their newer music day and let me just say

muse 80s????? matt bellamy synthwave?????????????? bruh

i am INSULTED that people think i would vandalize wikipedia for this. i used a word replacer extension like a man

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by the end of tonight i'll have forgotten that i put 'carpet' in my word replacer and get very freaked out the next time i encounter this in the wild

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my brain will only accept a narrow band of comfort listening right now which means this playlist is coming back out

ma'am i need you to understand i am literally just installing you so i can rip the DRM off of kindle ebooks

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installing a windows 10 vm, surveillance shit 

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