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joking about being irresponsoble with medication 

UK Census 2021, trans 

politics but not about anything specific 

other things i remember about the series, cws for uh, christianity, settler colonialism, and sharks??? 

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i can't sleep bc i'm trying to remember the name of this book series i read as a teen (cws for death, disease, and stuff that might distress you if you have paranoid thoughts about mind reading or poor sense of self/other boundaries) 

shoutout to everyone in my life who entertains my not-quite-pathological preoccupation with the number three

my gender is brightly colored, tasty, and screaming

@ every aesthetic blogger tagging their pictures of edinburgh castle with 'scottish highlands': am gonnae kick yer arse

do you think the ancient egyptians ever unearthed a spinosaurs and were like oh fuck it's sobek

the white noise of heavy hailstones very suddenly started just about as soon as i settled into bed with a book
thank u universe

this is my first-tooting post
(first footing is a new years tradition we have in scotland:

here are some traditional gifts to set the tone for a prosperous new year: :newl: 💰 🍞 🌿 🍻 :newr:

i had to go three whole pages into 'recommended for you' on tumblr before i saw any posts about ancient egypt so it looks like my opsec is working

i have decided that /dv/ is a really good consonat cluster and it's going in my conlang effective immediately

thinkin aboot megaloceros again... feel like pure shit just want her back x

astrology woo, uspol, morbid? 

bitches will derive nutrition from other sources of organic carbon and be like can't help being a heterotroph

love when a wikipedia article's lede defines a term with several other terms i also don't know

other edinburgh rock facts:
- most of the cobblestones in the old town are made from cooled magma
- the summit of arthur's seat is actually the inside of the volcano, they reckon it used to be about 200m taller before the peak fucked off
- the reason castle rock is Like That is because it's made of soft enough rock that glaciers just kinda left it alone i guess

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thinking about how the scandes, the cairngorms and the appalachias used to be one contigous mountain range again oh god oh fuck

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