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the humble bundle is doing a bundle right now with a bunch of paint software shit including rebelle 3, which is a program i've never heard of before. is it good? worth picking up?

Hey y'all, I've been working on trying to build a bigger narrative and concept around the idea of being transxenine (as opposed to transfem/transmasc/transneutral/etc) and I'm looking for feedback from others who might relate to this concept and how you feel about it?

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90% of the group including this person were in like, steampunk lolita getup and idk if they were having a party or if there's an enthusiast group i don't know about but my mother was very afraid of them

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shout out to the person in my chocolate tasting experience who said 'i'm performing femininty today but if i don't do at least one toxically masculine thing i'm gonna lose my mind' and started manspreading in a hoop skirt

yall the animal crossing direct looks so good im gonna cry

other people on masto right now: ANE
me: train stranded in the north of england due to flooding on the tracks

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being a median subsystem is feeling jumpy bc you sense there's someone else in the front room with you and then remembering that the someone else is you

shout out to whatever the fuck discord is doing right now

hey, the article i wrote for alt+h on (some of) the history of plural self advocacy is up now!!

The seventh annual international Gender Census 2020 is now open until 12th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

a genuine plea: can someone who can make music please make "darkwave ska" a reality? even a ~40 second long reality?

I just really need to know how that would sound, for science

i dislike the word jorts for forcing me to aknowledge that there are other kinds of legwear textiles than jeans

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