my current project

(i have no idea where this pattern is gonna end up)

another weaving project

(still working on those pesky edges :blobglare: )


got that tattoo i mentioned last week

either my family is going to be chill or i'm gonna pivot to wearing only long sleeves when i visit

weekend project. still working on keeping edges straight.

(and oh geez does weaving take up more yarn/thread than i expected)

still struggling to draw or paint but i impulse-dove straight into weaving so that's something

in less than a month i've made over a dozen pieces of varying quality and have read more books and tutorials than in the last 2 years combined. :blobowo:

the only acceptable modern-day reference of the phrase "come and take it"

wrist has been acting up - it's either tendinitis or some sort of mild sprain - so in my efforts to make my workspace less stressful on my body i dove straight into the deep end and built my own split ortho mechanical keyboard

only completely wrecked 2 pads and only lifted 1 other so.... pretty good for my most involved and delicate soldering project ever 😊

so apparently blathers got chased thru a parking lot by a snapping turtle

blathers, my man, you CANNOT just drop things like that with no further explanation

Too bad my island hasn't gotten visited by the turnip pig yet.... I could use 506 bells for root vegetables

ipod repair is mostly done :blobcheer: i'm waiting on a new center button (the one i got wasn't sized right πŸ˜‘, ended up having to order one again) but look!

it's so PRETTY :blobcatlove:

speaking of my art....

i broke down and got an apple pencil to go with my ipad. just doodling so far, but we'll see if i get back into art - and/or specficially digital art - in a serious fashion this year

$1950 for a baggy hand-me-down homemade tie-dye sweatshirt and FIVE HUNDRED NINETY for a pair of homemade tie-dyed thrifted cutoffs?

there is a large part of me right now desperately wishing goodwill was open because HOLY SHIT could i recreate THIS EXACT OUTFIT for about $15

mental health, liveblogging weirdass zoom meetups, this is def a cult 

this slide has been on-screen this entire friggin time

just to give y'all some context

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mental health, liveblogging weirdass zoom meetups, this is def a cult 

yeah this is definitely a cult

this dude's chat definitely has "cult recruit" energy

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it's begun

this wall was blank when i sat down this morning πŸ˜…

props to the web team of the berlin philharmonic but i don't remember changing firefox's profile to default spanish

i mean, i assume *i* am why the entire site is in spanish and not german, given the location of the berlin philharmonic

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