#WeAreNameless, tomorrow, Sat. 15 of December, is movie day! :blobaww:

We'll start watching Blade Runner (uncut version aka international version from 1982 with 117 minutes) at 10.30pm UTC. Don't forget to pin the hashtag and have fun with each other!

:_storm: Check that it's working before, so no surprises arise within +- 24hours! ;)

:_stars: Also make sure to read imdb.com/title/tt0083658/paren if you need any CW's, as we won't spam the hashtag with them.

TL;DR - there's a lot of: Sex & Nudity; Violence & Gore; Profanity; Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking; Frightening & Intense Scenes.

With :C_H: ,
Ella Kane, Emojo Lt. of hackers.town

Some tech battles we've lost but that I'm still grumpy about:
- phones should be smaller
- and have headphone jacks
- links in emails should not all point to opaque tracking URLs

@freakazoid that's fair. I suppose I'll end with this:

"The Collapse of the American Dream Explained in Animation"

I don't remember which European language was it, but calling the CPU 'nucleus' just feels too classy.

"Here is a convenient rule of thumb: police will be disciplined when their behavior threatens the smooth operation of the institution. But there is a corollary to this: to the degree that officers collectively control the department, discipline will be weaker, as elites will have to bargain for access to the institution's power. That is one effect of police unionization."

art program: *crashes*

me: ლ(́◉ __ ◉‵ლ)

“Basically, you end up spending the majority of your life eating G👀gle food, with G👀gle coworkers, wearing G👀gle gear, talking in G👀gle acronyms, sending G👀gle emails on G👀gle phones, and you eventually start to lose sight of what it’s like to be independent of the big G, and every corner of your life is set up to reinforce the idea that you would be absolutely insane to want to be anywhere else. You are given everything you could ever want, but it costs you the only things that actually matter in the end.”

Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks

Designers say the new game explores the endless paperwork, routine patrolling a modern day soldier endures in photorealistic detail.


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