Recent events have increased my fervor for free, open, decentralized, secure, privacy- and -aware solutions.

I AM ON IT! Just published the first part:

This will be a series about privacy, security, decentralization and activism therefor.


Nice work. Any chance I could peek at your repository? I'm looking at Roman's script and I'm not clear on whether the main index.html is script generated or handmade.

The only thing I have edited are the header and footer in the script, so it's not really relevant.

The index page is manual labor. I like it that way, gives room for customization like the 'categories'. Links can be put there, as the path isn't changed, only the extension is 😊

@h3artbl33d Thanks. I suspect I might stick with Pelican, though I've given some thought to stripping down my pages' design and making them more minimalist.

@h3artbl33d @mischa Thanks again. I've been to before courtesy of r/unixporn, but it's nice to see the project growing.

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