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Looks like is implementing the protocol in and building a facebook-like social network.

I would like to encourage this behavior (safe software development)... so I may just participate in the in May.

via @banjofox and @david_ross

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"Mastodon protocol" is a good description for it. There is also a #rust implementation of Mastodon (original) as well. It is called #rustodon being headed up by @er1n

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If you read the ActivityPub spec, there are... complications with being able to implement it. Not only that but doing 100% ActivityPub/ActivityStreams 2.0 would break Mastodon compatibility which is waaaaay more important to us.

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Mind you... the "Mastodon Protocol" is still 100% publicly view-able ;)

@banjofox @uranther @er1n @david_ross I've read it and there are certain things that remain pretty vague, but I don't remember anything particular that is necessary for Mastodon to break

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It is the way that Mastodon builds "Actors" which is not the same way that AP does it.

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In other words, we -COULD- adhere to 100% AP, but then would have to do a lot of EXTRA work, in order to be Masto-compatible.

@banjofox @david_ross @er1n @uranther I'm trying to set up a statically-generated-as-much-as-possible AP instance and I think I'll be going for AP first. Hopefully we'll still be able to federate


The Federation portion should remain the same. It is more that the way data is stored/displayed that is different.

Kroeg has 100% AP, but needs OStatus bridges for Mastodon

There was a huge conversation about this on the chat, and I have notes somewhere pertaining to it.