@uranther definitely the kind of thing I want to include in my future designs :)

@uranther Then the Hacker would say Well take notes on my reasons:
1) Because I want!
2) Because I can!
3) And finally, because you are as defective as we are, like your creator; you are a mass of good features and ugly bugs!

@Jolt2bolt @uranther
re (3) it's not quite that.
The machine is a snapshot of it's creator intent at one point in time. From that point, it'll perfectly replicate that intent, and it'll keep doing it forever (or until it runs out of electricity).

And then just a few days later, a resistor burned out somewhere and that was the end of that.

@uranther shuffle, shuffle, crack, who's more resistant to static electricity now you smug little machine? ;)

@uranther I have a soldering iron, you overgrown grain of sand. ;)

@feonixrift @uranther - “Overgrown grain of sand.” - Oh, I like that. Lol! 😄

@tinker @feonixrift That post was almost a year old. 😛 Why do I get the feeling it's Mastodon glitching out?

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