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cybre:uranther #012.018

I wrote the ar5k driver for 1st gen Atheros wlan under Linux. But everyone stopped caring as soon as there was an official blob driver from the vendor. #OpenBSD devs invited me to rewrite my driver and I fell in love with the clean source code, kernel and OS ever since. #bsdstart

Started with Linux in 2003 a bit by "accident" but FreeBSD came not too far after for hosting various services, alongside with OpenBSD and NetBSD. Today I both use OpenBSD (mainly personally) and FreeBSD (mainly professionally) for various developments.

If you re very masochist you can still watch #BSDNow 216 for further details 🙂


The Shirky principle: "Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution."

reminder: extremely poorly-upscaled nintendo pixel art

"go ahead click the start button"

"Where's that?"

*sends 20+ years ago windows 95 screen shot in 2018*

"Oh that button"

A commissioned logo I created for Chef Dr. Michael Fenster. I highly recommend his published work, and most definitely the recipes. Now I am hungry XD

the craziest part of browsing the web with noscript on is finding out which parts of a web are actually served off of completely different domains, and how many requests actually do nothing for the content of the webpage at all

So what's state-of-the-art in open-source #FPGA?

Is #IceStorm where it's at? I'm interested in synthesizing cpu cores which I think puts me in the area of large-ish fabric devices but again I stopped looking for a few months and now I feel like I have no idea what to expect :)

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why should I upgrade my RAM can't people stop building electron apps instead

Windows suggests I disable the slow app... Windows to improve performance.

Ohoho, I wish buddy.