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Hello! 你好! ¡Hola!

My name is :wide_j:
I am a cybre-gongfu artist.

Ready to all the :cybre_glitch: :psyduck:
I by building systems for the

Buddhist guy practicing , and ,
I also like drinking tea, playing go, enjoying art and nature.

Some of you I know already, and others I may :florp: your good content.
Feel free to stop by and say hi - challenge and debate -
If not, you're still great!

☮️ :cybre: ☯️

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Recent events have increased my fervor for free, open, decentralized, secure, privacy- and -aware solutions.

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Let's take a closer look at the Android apps of some password managers and see how they compare in @exodus:
Lastpass: 10 Trackers
Bitwarden: 3 Trackers
1Password: 0 Trackers
Well, that makes the choice about which PW manager I should recommend to my non-tech friends somewhat easier!
#passwordmanager #tracker

It's quite astonishing that general purpose temper-resistance cryptographic chips are still quite hard to obtain with little use in 2018. Well, there isn't a short of them, they are mass-produced in an unprecedented scale - every Apple USB cable now includes a high-security chip to kill 3rd-party accessories.

The thing is they are locked behind the reach of developers outside major firms, by NDAs and selective availability, to ensure chips are used in DRM to lock the users down, rather than empowers users.

@h3artbl33d you should mark the mastodon.social account moved for sake

Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 830 nodes, descending 69 nodes down.

uBlock Origin blocked 239 trackers right away when I opened Google Maps.

Another reason to switch to Open Street Map, I guess.

Waiting for Signal desktop to get synced be like : :loading:

Also someone already had a go at repairing this thing. Motor drive wires were bodged in. The tape was pretty crusty- wonder how old it is

Might do a programming stream but instead of programming it'll just be me googling how to do shit and then retyping out the solution that I found on stackoverflow.

Question for people who know more about #ipfs than I do (which is probably everybody):

Does ipfs work on a private ipv4 network? If I have say 4 computers on a WiFi network with no internet connection, can they share files using ipfs?

Secondly, if internet access becomes available, can the files stored while disconnected be accessed by other internet hosts, and does this happen automatically?


Got a technics tape deck for $10~ Right channel was busted but just needed some reseating. Now I can rip all my tapes!

Time to give #trueos's lumina a try by installing it on this box and running it under Xephyr.

Updating, please wait
Do not turn off your phone

I spun up in a local Docker container.

Someone here was saying they use it for project management around the house.

Is there a Trello-like (GitHub Projects-like) interface for GitLab?

"Your password is too long." - whenever I see this I assume they're storing the passwords clear text instead of hashing it

Sciences; I'm thinking of what you see when you organise disciplines by scale. This visualisation is only part of the picture.