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Geary 0.13 is out! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Featuring an all new account manager, olive-buttery-smooth conversation loading, GNOME Online Accounts integration, and a lot lot more: mail.gnome.org/archives/geary-

#Geary #GNOME #Linux #Email

@ChrisWere Thanks for following back! Really like your videos. Thanks for making and sharing them :blobcheer:

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Libreture's Top Ten DRM-free Bookshops this month:

- Fox Spirit Books
- Augur Magazine
- Media Diversified
- eBooks.com
- Argyll Books
- Bitmap Books
- Boss Fight Books
- Dragonwell Books
- Evil Hat Productions
- Fantastic Books

Find these and many more at:


Synology Cloud Sync is pretty great - very easy to set up simple SOHO offsite backups. Impressed πŸ‘

Morning all πŸ˜€ How are we doing? Today's main task is to set up a new NAS in the office, and sync off-site. What could go wrong? πŸ˜‚

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@unflding "Busy is a decision". Don't say "I'm busy". It can't be excuse. If truly you're busy, you can choose when you sleep or eat or etc.

@Algot Hey Algot πŸ˜€ Great to see you welcoming new tooters still, it's really kind of you.

I noticed you were a science teacher, what was your favourite area of science to teach? 😎

Hope you're well!

Anyone reading anything good at the moment? :doge:

Morning Fediverse :mystery: How are we all today? Happy Monday... going quick enough so far

Anyone know if there's a way to sub to a mastodon account in disapora please?

Just added powerline to my shell / tmux - jebus how did I miss out on this for so long


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I just looked up what counts as 'Generation Z', and now I feel even more depressed that there's yet another 'generation' behind me. Pause button? :toot:

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