like literally we went the exact same way about solving it, down to the variable names, with slight differences in the if statement

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drawn ec 

i drew this the other day and have not been able to replicate it since

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out of curiosity, i compared it against a keycap from the k400 plus. the k400 plus's "stem" is smaller that the k830's but they use a similar locking mechanism

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here are the keycaps from underneath (in this case, the ctrl key and the right arrow key)

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to prevent myself from spamming ls when i'm bored, i limited the amount of times i can run ls in a single bash session to 20

this is a real server, which works, and it works well. just not when it's been left running for 24 hours

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recent drywall progress: i am working on a basic settings page

"but where does he get his bitcoins?"
he mines them in his basement, of course

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today on the house of stuttgart's greatest enterpreneur, bitcoin evangelist, job/financing coach, investor, influencer,

cc @peckamatone, she built this house i just added the signs

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today on the stuttgart kaufland is now finished

have you seen the latest linus tech tips video yet?

is it just me or does this sound like something straight out of a midi

it's the weed number guys *audience boos loudly in disapproval*

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