i wonder if i could make and 3d-print custom keycaps for my keyboard

some of the existing ones are starting to wear off and i recently realized i can just... pull them out. so if i 3d-model a replacement and print it out i could just replace my keyboard's keycaps

i use a logitech k830 btw, not a mechanical keyboard of any kind, so it doesn't use the standard keycaps you'd have on a mechanical keyboard

these keycaps are flat and they have a fancy rectangular insert

here are the keycaps from underneath (in this case, the ctrl key and the right arrow key)

out of curiosity, i compared it against a keycap from the k400 plus. the k400 plus's "stem" is smaller that the k830's but they use a similar locking mechanism

turns out somebody actually tried making a k400 plus keycap! thingiverse.com/thing:3256082

there might be a way for me to take at least the locking mechanism from it and adapt it to my k830

update: the little parts that hold the key in place failed on my left arrow key so it now falls out when i either press it too hard or flip it from the side


this is what happens when i find a new thing to fidget with, in this case it was my keyboard's keycaps

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