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📌 obligatory pinned post. PLEASE read this before reading any of my posts 📌 

hi, i'm knuxify!

i code in python sometimes, i have some "old" laptops, i wrote a federated discord clone protocol, i make bad music snippets sometimes. you know; fun

- all my most important projects will be listed on my website:
- on this account, i tend to shitpost or post about music. i might also make the occasional tech post, but generally you should look for these here: @knuxify
- generally if i write a sentence with proper punctuation and capitalization it's a joke, unless i'm posting about some project of mine or something
- i promise i'm not a techbro
- see also:

i tend to delete posts right after posting them quite often, don't worry if you can't find a post or something

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like literally we went the exact same way about solving it, down to the variable names, with slight differences in the if statement

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decided to add something to lk2nd that would add charging mode to the cmdline so postmarketos would boot into charging mode

so i got done with a simple patch, forked the repo and decided to check the other branches to see if there was some kind of branch naming scheme

turns out there was a "charge" branch that contained a fix. pretty much identical to my own. it just hadn't been merged into master yet


this is literally a genius "get rich quick" scheme
1. take chorus of popular old song
2. make a shitty house remix of the beat
3. hire some random person on fiverr to do the vocals
4. send to some major recording label
5. ???
6. profit

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shitty generic music "remakes"/remixes of old songs keep playing on the radio. are we really running out of music

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or like, an url-fest styled set, but self-hosted rather than being part of a larger event, and longer

sounds like a plan. i might do this someday

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actually, i do. i have 5 future funk playlists and plenty more stuff i could pick out

(haven't listened to much future funk in quite a while tho)

hyperpop/cloud rap stream? that'd last for like an hour or two. although that should be enough i think

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internet radio shows hosted by fedi people are so cool. if i had a big library of music i'd make my own tbh

if serveo was still up i'd figure out how to get rid of my old temporary fedi instances entirely. but nope, they're just stuck in the cache of multiple instances now

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lb: this was over a year ago

geez. time flies fast

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hi! welcome to mstdn@cybertilde, a terrible mastodon instance hosted at cybertilde:

this instance is running glitch-soc.

don't like mastodon? check out our pleroma instance:

drawn ec 

i drew this the other day and have not been able to replicate it since

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i draw sometimes, but once i draw something good i physically cannot draw anything else for the next week or so

this is what happens when i find a new thing to fidget with, in this case it was my keyboard's keycaps

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update: the little parts that hold the key in place failed on my left arrow key so it now falls out when i either press it too hard or flip it from the side

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wait, "democracy"? no, i'm talking about DEMOcracy. your trial has expired

thinking of moving my existing website to neocities or gh pages, and making the tilde page a priv

or making my neocities a priv, currently it's sitting unused

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