Qhahdndnd I'm so emotional today I think I'm getting sick I'm less than 20 minutes into the first harry potter movie and I've already cried

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I really, REALLY love the scps with exploration logs
stories about people exploring impossible and frightening places
can anyone recommend stories or websites or anything that scratch a similar itch to those logs?

im back!! ive been super busy and forgot that mastodon was a thing for a while

would anyone be willing to read and help me edit my main college app essay? there are so many good writers on here and i need all the help i can get

arson, heaven 

arson is legal and it is the only way to get into heaven

this article about Danica Roem winning the VA house seat included a quote saying that the event send politicians everywhere a reminder that the politics of bigotry are over. which would be nice, but they aren't! this is obviously a historical event and we should be glad, but the bigger picture still remains unchanged: our government _exists_ on politics of bigotry. winning a battle isn't the same as winning a war. now more than ever it is important to remember whats at stake and to keep fighting for more.

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what guilty pleasure tv shows / genres of tv shows does everyone have?
mine are edgy-teen/coming of edge shows like Skins

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STEM stands for Space, Time, Energy and Matter. If you get a STEM education, you can go anywhere there's space and time!

It's a fairly tiny part of the universe actually but the people who are in it think so much of themselves we try not to break their bubble.

If you meet a STEM person (you'll know because they're generally made out of atoms), just nod and wave.

Especially don't show them the Chromatic Weasel Dimensions or a Gesundheit Abberation. They don't cope well with new things.

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is the phrase "non self-descriptive" self-descriptive?

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and there's a lot more work that i have to do for the rest of my colleges but still! i'm excited

y'all. ive officially submitted my application to a college. i know it's not that big of a deal but it feels pretty nice

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Secret Sneepsnop is like Secret Santa except it's a Sneepsnop.

A gift exchange where you get assigned someone on Mastodon to give a gift to and someone will be assigned to give you a gift.

Making creative works as gifts is encouraged, but not required. The entire exchange is *digital only.*

Sneepsnops will be assigned on December 11th and presents exchanges on December 21st.

SIGN UP HERE: shelraphen.typeform.com/to/COp

More info at the link

i have a college app due today (it's not one of the ones i care about the most, but still) and i haven't even written the essay for it but instead im just browsing through mastadon :3

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machines are no more the enemy of the people than the yak or the plow.

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