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I welcome follow requests, but please note it may take me a long time to review them. I will deny it if I don't recognize your profile. I will deny it if we haven't interacted. I will probably deny it if you're from a large instance. I will definitely deny it if you're clearly under 18 years old.

I will always accept follow-backs.

Please do not save any images we post unless they are boostable.

Thank you for respecting these boundaries!


1. packet Maruchan chicken ramen
2. garlic salt
3. chopped onion
4. parsley

cook noodles first, then add all other ingredients. Cayenne pepper to taste.

queer masto instances are actually just wildlife reserves

Today, we educated Molly on the Toledo War and why Michigan was/is right.

lewd, wtf? 

"Yeah, I'd probably blow my body guard too. I want him to fight harder for me."

Should the Nebula get a septum piercing? (see selfie in previous post if you need reference?)

Been a good day with lots of quiet time and self-care. Exactly what we needed today ^^

Achievement unlocked: correctly pronoun'd by a stranger

@violet and @ultraviolet are the same person just before and after performing a Heavy Attack after reaching 10,000 points

Sometimes I think about our first philosophy professor, Dr. Christian Lotz. He was super German in that he put a lot of effort into delivering a fantastic course that influenced us to this day, but he'd do it with a look on his face of total disdain and abject hatred for the college student scum he had to teach it to. I've never felt more contempt from someone who's never said an unkind word to me.

Note for UV to see this later 

Thx, Jack. You're a hero.

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Forgot to mention the brother graduated with his second Master's.

Meh, at least we speak better German than he does. It's funny talking shit in front of his wife when she can't understand us. I've been waiting years to be able to do this.

I also had a tire blow out on me today which is costing $500 to address, so any help covering that would also be super appreciated. My thanks. 💜

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I am once again wishing all sex work exclusionary "leftists" a very fuck you

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