Wanted to get an MSYS2 shell inside ConsoleZ rather than being forced to use whatever the fuck terminal emulator it has by default.

Figured out I can do that with 2 lines of cursed bullshit in a Windows batch script:

set PATH=C:\msys64\usr\bin;C:\msys64\usr\local\bin;%PATH:;;=;%
bash -c 'cd ^&^& exec $(getent passwd "%USERNAME%" ^| cut -d: -f7) --login'

This cursed batch script
+ creating an /etc/passwd in MSYS2 and changing my shell
+ setting up Starship (which required some weird bullshit)

= nice shell environment in Windows



The aforementioned weird bullshit to get Starship to work nicely is because Starship on Windows doesn't know jack shit about MSYS2 (even when compiled with Cargo inside MSYS2), so there's a couple little config changes, plus explicitly setting the STARSHIP_CONFIG environment variable in ~/.profile


use_logical_path = false
"C:/msys64/" = "/"
"/home/Iris System" = "~"

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