Wanted to get an MSYS2 shell inside ConsoleZ rather than being forced to use whatever the fuck terminal emulator it has by default.

Figured out I can do that with 2 lines of cursed bullshit in a Windows batch script:

set PATH=C:\msys64\usr\bin;C:\msys64\usr\local\bin;%PATH:;;=;%
bash -c 'cd ^&^& exec $(getent passwd "%USERNAME%" ^| cut -d: -f7) --login'


This cursed batch script
+ creating an /etc/passwd in MSYS2 and changing my shell
+ setting up Starship (which required some weird bullshit)

= nice shell environment in Windows


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The aforementioned weird bullshit to get Starship to work nicely is because Starship on Windows doesn't know jack shit about MSYS2 (even when compiled with Cargo inside MSYS2), so there's a couple little config changes, plus explicitly setting the STARSHIP_CONFIG environment variable in ~/.profile


use_logical_path = false
"C:/msys64/" = "/"
"/home/Iris System" = "~"

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