And this is the result. To be honest i prefer the messier one, without the layer mask. I used Photoshop and a mouse since i have no pad.. Lot of excitement here. Love you guys <3

@tzo fan and music up to 11, computer on lap and iced coffee at hand. Going to keep on computering for a couple of hours and then some training: I have to perfect my dragon flag :-P

@qwazix ok got it. i want to be able to see those obliques from the moon <3 perhaps i'll train a little bit too..

@tzo HAHAHA ok then I'll do my best. Moon when?

@qwazix i'll take you with me when the time is right.

@tzo 🤔 the logistics of that somehow... never mind

🚀 🌕

@qwazix i messed it up a bit, but i typed the reply without second thought :blobwizard:

@tzo IMHO they're both quite stunning. I like the looseness of the unmasked version as well. Gives it a sense of motion, to me.

@thatgirllily i think you're right, i hadn't thought of this approach to be honest. I think the unmasked version reveals a bit of the process and it is carefree, you know, like a kid smudging the paper. Thanks for writing your point of view, it was really emotional and helpful to me <3


Beautiful work!!! I also like the "messier" one. Live life outside the lines!

@jez thank you for the sweet comment and the advice! I have a few ideas to turn this into a short comic strip, bit it will take me some time I guess, classic procrastinator here! I really liked your art, abstract yet flowy..

@tzo oh this would be such a pretty tattoo 😍

@tzo ❤️

where do you live? If you wanna tell....

@ekkoren hello! I just returned from vacation. I live at Athens, Greece. The thread is not from Athens though. It's a 2hour drive away.. A small town of circa 30000 residents. Where are you from? Excited to be back. .

@tzo that sounds very nice! I’m from a little village in Austria, but I’m living for about ten years in Vienna now, and I also drive home often for the weekends or when I’m off work for some days

@ekkoren isn't it interesting how we share something like this? I really enjoy when I share same experiences with others, it feels human..

@tzo yeah totally! I feel the same. And it’s Great to share something like this over such a distance :)

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