We were looking around on the net for remote social media jobs with a friend.

"Social Media Manager at 'Consumer Acquisition'". Yes, that was the name of the company.

[Apply Now]

A form appears with the usual stuff to fill out. Last question is "Do you have any questions?"

Us, unanimously: "Where do you store consumers after Acquisition?"


#smallstories with a tiny bit of adjustment for dramatic purposes


- "Customer."
- "No, Consumer. The name of the company is Consumer Acquisition."

Apparently the word disturbed my brain. I kept humanizing it and my friend kept correcting me.
I went on filling the form for the Social Media Manager position.

| 1000 boxes of personal information later... |

I was almost done when the "Any further questions?" box popped up.
"Where do you store consumers after the Acquisition?".

I didn't get the job.


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