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If it's a social norm that was established in the last century, it's a social norm that can disappear in the next century

*subtly indicates that a nostalgically evoked past doesn't actually exist by using System 7's Chicago font in a LaTeX document, since it was in a weird old-mac-os proprietary format that was never compatible with any version of LaTeX and was never updated because it was discontinued for Mac OS 8*

protagonism being, whatever ideology it is that all the protagonists have in common

Did ancient aliens make Pokemon red and blue?

I think if I had four arms I'd enjoy making my braid with five strands

*as the last of my crew slowly suffocates* you said... you were... habitable...
me: no, dave. they said that. i was never asked. i was merely Assigned Habitable At Birth

ah yes, the two alcoholic drinks i drink: cider and the white wine in the can of marinated mackerel

POSITION A: why do you like those japanese cartoons with the girls with the giant bug eyes?
POSITION B: anime eyes and insect eyes are different
POSITION C: how can you hate bugs given that they have giant anime eyes?

(i just really wanted to use the phrase "meanwhile, over the course of several million years")

SOMEONE: the human body is adapted to the specific environment we evolved in, and our goal health-wise should be to return to that one unique environment


EVOLUTION: oh, huh, i got this forest ape, better add on some changes to make sure they can escape— oh, they're in the savannah now, i guess i'm leaving those in and adding new ones so what's left is— oh it's cold now? i guess i should add on a bunch of— oh, they're hunting now, i guess i should— oh

yesterday to get latex to do what i wanted i had to have it output some code to file and then immediately read it, for which i was immediately punished by a horrible headache. frustratingly though it works very well.

me: alright tumblr's dying let's do all this work trying to move somewhere else to follow the diaspora
tumblr, immediately:

i like that the word "oaf" is making a comeback as an insult

sometimes i feel down about the value of my creative output. then i remember that two separate entire human beings have gotten things i've made tattooed on them, and i think, maybe i'll be ok?

sign my petition or if you've got the time and energy to do some more consequential activism my left boob

YOU: Help! I'm being attacked by giant ants!
THE GIANT ANTS: *run around looking for a villain to fight or an ant in trouble to help*

of course the irony of that flag is that bees can't actually see red... frustrating.

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