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which is the better left-eusocialist flag

ive been using the one w/ the golden grub in the middle but maybe the white is more readable...?

I've been told that postmodernism is a hodgepodge of different strains of thought that have not that much in common with each other beyond a general skepticism towards all heretofore existing metanarratives.

Which, fair, but... metanarratives are fun, though? What I want is a literary movement (temporary name: mostmodernism) whose goal is just to keep making new metanarratives and putting them in stories until we get better at them. Does that exist?

the world is awful and everyone thinks roko's basilisk is ridiculous because all the people who don't aren't in this simulation being tormented

I mean, you have a mouth, right? It'd be a waste not to scream.

ssdfakjdsfjaksd i forgot i added these to my diary's daily fortune thingy

schedule of the time i’m wasting so i do something with it even if it isn’t useful to anyone, mark 3…

whose dumb idea was it that i should be having a headache now. like, what kind of jerk would think that would be a good thing to have happen.

i think what happened (among other things) was, as a kid i thought it was not possible for me to grow up and end up a girl, so instead of wanting to grow up i wanted to find some weird trick to escape from what was possible?

so i didn't get a lot of practice in practical things that it would have been useful to practice, just, instead aiming for weird things that might expand what could possibly happen if i was lucky/talented enough.

I was told: to get better at drawing faces, familiarize yourself with skulls and how they relate to the faces on top of them.

So, I spent the day before yesterday drawing skulls in various orientations, yesterday trying to draw where the skull is underneath pictures of faces and correcting myself with a 3d model, and same today.

Now if I see a face, I try to figure out where the skull is.

What I'm getting at is that it feels weird brushing your teeth while picturing where your skull is in the mirror.

One subsection per snippet that I'm choosing to comment on. The fact I've always wanted to do the vertical-text-in-the-margin based numbering is completely coincidental since I only am doing it since it totally 100% makes good design sense here...

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Ran out of symbols for propositions so i added subsection numbering

you ever have one of those days where you go to drain the pasta and you realize that you haven't actually put the pasta in the pot yet and you just dumped a bunch of hot water into a strainer

i KEEP accidentally retooting things accidentally. Will have to get used to this i suppose...

@twocubes @metagorgon A possible way to use this would be, like, different kinds of loops and flow control.

Like, ways to express different variations on "while () do {}", "loop {} until ()", "do _ times {}", "repeat until output <condition>", etc.

Programming language which uses various brackets (e.g. (...), {...}, [...], <...>, etc..) but where mismatched brackets (eg. (...}, [...), <...]) each have different, deeply conflicting meanings

today i procrastinated on the doodling i had scheduled by doing a bunch of math instead

You may look innocent to everyone else here, but i know what’s hiding behind that pretty face!

That’s right!!

A skull!!!

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