@SuricrasiaOnline hello! I have a book I would like to submit to your online library for consideration...

me: alright tumblr's dying let's do all this work trying to move somewhere else to follow the diaspora
tumblr, immediately:


which is the better left-eusocialist flag

ive been using the one w/ the golden grub in the middle but maybe the white is more readable...?

ssdfakjdsfjaksd i forgot i added these to my diary's daily fortune thingy

schedule of the time i’m wasting so i do something with it even if it isn’t useful to anyone, mark 3…

One subsection per snippet that I'm choosing to comment on. The fact I've always wanted to do the vertical-text-in-the-margin based numbering is completely coincidental since I only am doing it since it totally 100% makes good design sense here...

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Ran out of symbols for propositions so i added subsection numbering


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