@SuricrasiaOnline hello! I have a book I would like to submit to your online library for consideration...

panties with “this machine kills fascists” on the front

person A: *farts*
person B: dear lord that smells bad. whyyyyy

sometimes, you age slightly, and you realize that if you were ever given the ability to shapeshift things you'd immediately get carried away growing extra arms and tails and ears and heads and legs and basically become some kind of bodypart hoarder. it is human nature to want infinite limbs

An rpg that's themed around intrigue among aspirant nobles in the fish god's court. It's called Dudgeon and Dagon

"you cannot match my unmanned cavalry" *it's literally just some wild horses*

the wikipedia article on ladybugs specifically mentions that human children tend to like them a lot? and i just, you know that movie gimmick where young human children and human babies can somehow mysteriously communicate with dogs and cats... well, that's projection by adult humans! it's actually ladybugs. slowly domesticating baby humans

i mean not that i don't enjoy screenshot-dunkings or whatever, it's just that, yknow,

'ts not massively useful praxis, yeah

anyways i'm dot, and that's the daily thing i'm saying, on this day, today

*pfft* you still think moderates are real? grow up

we must revitalize mastodon by making an instance focused on dunking on arbitrary other people via screenshots, which is what politics is, i think

how do you even do politics on microblogging platforms. is it just socialized comment sections for links to takes someone likes

idk i haven't really taken the time to really understand twitter...

if i understand the "my spouse nags me constantly" complaint properly, it's adjoint to a "i have to remind my spouse like a million times to do things or do them myself or they never get done" complaint

the thing is that i’m pretty sure consumers would never accept any robot with skin that produces as much grease, sweat, and miscellaneous flakes as humans produce

are you the sort of invisible person that leaves footprints when your feet touch the ground or the sort of invisible person that leaves footprints when your feet leave the ground?

important nuances of mathematical writing:

“easy” means, it takes a little bit of work, but in principle you can do it in your head. it’s not long.

“straightforward” just means that there isn’t any weird trick.

one of those clips where you walk through the dark hearing horrible noises until you come across a monster eating a carcass and you can see its reflective eyes and they turn and you know they see you, only the monster is me and i'm in your kitchen going to town on a cheese wheel

*intentionally makes an unfriendly AI group mind that destroys mankind just so the workers get to own the means of production*

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