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Tired: Recommending people Mastodon because it's a decentralized alternative to corporate social media

Wired: Recommending people Mastodon with stories about how we defederated from the nazis and terfs, or when cops were banned from the biggest instance

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Just tuna posting 

mh vaguely 

got tired of not being able to wear hats, bought more fantasia

mh, kinda - 

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phew, home, with my computer back

a week is just about the right amount to relax and then be very glad to be home again

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bought a book of logic puzzles the other day and man, they are painfully heterosexual

relatedly, alfalfa wine is actually pretty good?

American Thanksgiving, but this year all the drinks are from BC and Alberta and we're making poutine with the leftover gravy later :P


TIL redis will happily let you put emoji in key names

(they might also just not realize they're taking on more than they may be able to handle yet, but the emails meetup sends me of new pdx groups are usually full of bitcoin and other capitalist/libertarian crap)

on the one hand I feel like I should go, on the other hand I am utterly unimpressed by this person starting remote work meetup groups for every single part of the Portland metro area at once

like, what, are you getting paid for this? is this trying to sell some shit? cause I sure as hell don't know anyone who has the time to run separate meetups in all five quadrants of Portland plus fucking Tigard and Beaverton

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Found out today that Steam Controllers are being phased out forever and Valve are selling the last batch for a fiver + shipping. That's quite a damn good deal.

Honestly, the Steam Controller is well worth having if you game on PC. Even if you use Parsec, Rainway, or some other virtualised gaming service, there aren't many peripherals that are as good as or better than the Steam Controller.

Deal ends 3 December, bee tee dubz.


I think spotify finally took the hint that I only want Canadian stuff on this station

on home, identity, etc. 

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OH: "so I'm the maintainer of a small open source yuri library"
"URI, I mean URI"

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