I managed to keep it up for 2 hours and talked to someone I didn't know in chat and it was fine! I only even stopped because it was cat dinner time

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attempting to stream ETS2 for a bit, the wheel is really loud even without force feedback so idk how long I'll do this for though twitch.tv/necrobuffalo/

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Overflow \hbox in paragraph at line 2

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tonight I'll try again with steering camera on and probably turn the volume up so I can hear the engine better

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wheel/shifter/pedals arrived yesterday and hoooo boy I am still terrified of driving

my knee jerk response was to think maybe I should just return them but I had a similar sense of regret when I swapped to controller, so I think it'll be okay with practice

I'm having a hell of a time figuring out pedal sensitivity but I only flipped the truck once which seems pretty damn good, probably need to get a cheap folding chair or something so I don't keep rolling backwards irl when braking though

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relatedly, wtb more sim streamers that don't seem like awful people

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A couple hours ago RCMP arrested a larger indigenous instagram account (@skodenne) who is on the ground in Wet'suwet'en, they have been providing many live updates about the current events unfolding. Please follow @nikkilaes, @gidimten_checkpoint @seedingsovereignty for other live updates.

Indigenous instagram user @decolonial.auntie is also seeking artists willing to donate their art to be sold to raise funds for wet'suwet'en.

It is really fucking important to show support right now

I have obtained a beginners knitting kit

I don't think I had really processed just how large 15mm needles are

lmao at amazon telling me if I ordered a farming sim control panel it would be here in time for valentines day

tbh it's a bit tempting but I just finally let myself get a wheel for ATS/ETS2 after thinking about it for months and that was painfully expensive already

shiva ex group going so badly a tank said "gtg my goldfish is drowning" and left, and a healer followed with "gotta chase my refrigerator"

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Netflix have enabled a feature to disable "autoplay" of trailers when you're just browsing: help.netflix.com/en/node/2102

About time.

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me: everyone should feel free to express themselves (or not) through their own style

also me: i want to give everyone on this train a make-over

if I hadn't gotten into the habit of reading during the cutscenes this dungeon would be intolerable

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gaius is such a fucking incel and every time he does his awful praetorium monologue I want to hit him with a baseball bat

reading ultralight packing lists trying to figure out how on earth people use some of these travel bags for trips of any noticeable length

so far the answer is "don't pack anything or go anywhere the weather is colder than 0C"

I remain deeply unimpressed

I am team lead for this quarter's project at work and I am anxiety given human form

wow I have had this phone for <24h and I have already managed to chip the screen protector :|

tempered glass screen protectors are great though

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Pissed as hell about the misuse of indigenous imagery in the commercial sports game?

Donate to Sinte Gleska University, a higher education facility run by and for Lakhota values:* a facility actively working to detangle indigenous history from its colonialisation. That's like the exact opposite of what redface does.


(*Contrary to popular assumption, SGU is open to all people of any identity, not just Lakhota tribe members.)

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