I just learned I get the intern next week. 👿
It’s command-line ALL week.
"Many interns have tried.”
“Tried and failed?”
“They tried and died.” cybre.space/media/5R92-D3yZc7G cybre.space/media/dtFiF0XA-zAG

Oh hai ... man it's been a busy week. Finished Aeronaut's Windlass (pretty good). Finally started reading Terry Pratchett (Guards! Guards!). And then there's work, which I shan't bore you with.

I set up mastodon.photography ! For real this time! Go and join so the local timeline will be full of photos and camera talk! Or just silly memes!

If you don't want to join then please maybe boost? Thank you 🤗

Was explaining Mastodon to a guy at work. Took way too long (my bad, not his). Gotta get better at this.

For those of you who didn't know. Hedy Lamar wasn't just a Hollywood startlet and bombshell. She was a frackin' brilliant inventor. Thanks to her we have WiFi and Bluetooth. There's a new documentary out about her...


It's international workers day. Yep, I'm working.

if April First was the day of foolish lies, May First shall be the day of bitter truths

my two favorite feature requests:

let users point their own domain name to an existing instance--eventually might allow users to switch instances without losing follows/followers/toots

give admins a rake task to clear out remote toots and media thats older than x days--would really help free disk space which is one of the most expensive parts of running an instance

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I think that keeping The Protocol stable and standardized is the priority number one. The implementation comes right after it.

Regarding how to do it - I think that if there were multiple entities interested in keeping the protocol and this implementation alive, they should cooperate. Just a single holder can be risky.

Having visited some European #PostgreSQL conferences I was surprised to see that this project IS the community. With some backers.

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Yep, and by copying the Automattic model, Eugen can turn Mastodon.social into a primary instance (like WordPress.com) and monetize/sustain the project through advertising and premium upgrades. Don't like ads? Roll your own instance. Everyone wins, Eugen is compensated for his work and the software/platform is still free enough to be widely adopted and adapted.

Mastodon is what social media can be if it's freed from the grip of closed, monolithic systems.

"Fyre Festival was a luxury beach party for the most curated idiots of Instagram"

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Still more tech journalism on Mastodon: "Mastodon cannot survive with such a silly name. It needs a more serious and business-friendly name, such as Google, Yahoo, or Hulu."

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@nolan Look to WordPress rather than Wikipedia. As a huge fan of WordPress (com and org) and Matt Mullenweg's Automattic, I can see @Gargron and Mastodon following a similar path. The history of WordPress.com and Automattic provides a great roadmap for Mastodon.social and the Mastodon software, in which balancing commercial and community interests results in a hybrid model/system that works for almost everyone.

The failing of tools like Slack, Hipchat, Yammer, Chatter, is that they are too insular. It's too hard to connect other worlds of information that you need.

Of course it can be done, but not in a way that gives many people warm fuzzies.

I see an internal Mastodon instance as a great way to have group chat and external discussions. We're not there yet, but we will be.

I'm trying to keep this version of me biz talk free. On @trishussey I delve into my biz me.

In my game last night I introduced my players to the "Guild of Thieves, Murderers, Kidnappers and Assorted Ne'er-do-wells."

Just wanted to share that name--it's too good to only have three people hear it.

Mastodon newbie protip: don't click the "remote follow" button. Just copy the user's URL and paste it into the search bar of your home instance, then click the follow button (the little icon of a person with a "+" on it).

Not only is "remote follow" slower and more awkward; it's a potential security risk, because a malicious instance could trick you into giving them your password (if you're not paying attention to the URL bar).

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