@gargron Special exception: The soundtrack to Nightmare Before Christmas can be both.

@gargron Anything can be Halloween music if you're not a coward. Except Christmas music. That shit needs to push back to December.

@iitalics Not that I hated the movie (It was Okay), but he was the best part for me.

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Lewd Amazon Web Services 

@xnx38h “you can’t miss shots you don’t take”

@hackermanifestov Just noticed that autocorrect got me. It was supposed to be "Me too, man."

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New Zealand linguistic politics 

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@JordiGH I have no idea why or how I got it as a kid. Must have been a random family gift. But I enjoyed playing it even though I got stuck. Also the music is great.

@JordiGH Relatedly, I've been going through and playing the old DQ/DW games, and holy hell I cannot imagine how I would have gotten through DW2 without a walkthrough. "Ah yes, just search this one square to find an item you need to progress. Good luck finding it."

@JordiGH I definitely got stuck a lot as a kid, but that's true of a lot of games.

@JordiGH I think it worked for me because I'm not a huge shmup fan but it was just enough that it felt like a little break in the overall game. I should go back and try to actually beat it some day.

@JordiGH That game was so weird in concept but also really cool.

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