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Although, now that I'm trying ot move, it keeps telling me that the new account isn't an alias of the old one. Double and triple checked it. Might be ?

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Moving to, BTW. Just in case the banner doesn't show up well enough.

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While @chr technically gave us another two months' reprieve, I should probably go ahead and migrate this account since I'm probably not the target audience for the reprieve. (I haven't done an export yet, but I'm sure mine'll be small enough to be no trouble.)

cybre definitely had a good sense of community, and style all its own. Feels weird seeing it go riding off into the sunset, but I'm glad it was here for the time it was. Thanks for everything, @chr!

I spent the last few weeks looking around for other instances. I went as far as setting up an instance for myself, but in the last few days a few other options have shown up, and I think I'll be trying one of them out.

To all my cybre friends, I wish you all well and may we all keep the spirit of this place alive wherever we go! :cybre:

@mralex is the closest thing I see to webrings in active use. It uses RSS, although I’m not sure that ActivityPub does anything better for this use case.

@mralex I’m not sure how you’d realistically do payments in a federated system. Aside from that, it sounds a bit like Funkwhale.

@enno Yeah, is shutting down too. I couldn’t find any decent looking open instances. I spent a few days this week setting up my own instance but haven’t moved to it yet.

@NovaSquirrel I got an Nt Mini Noir even though I already had an AVS largely because I might want to have it available for compatibility testing later.

@enno Honestly, I’m about as active here as I am on Twitter. I just don’t post as much on social media at all anymore.

Considering setting up my own single-user instance. If there isn’t a good local timeline, there’s no reason not to just be on my own.

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Been looking around for new instances to move to over the last week or so. The ones I’m seeing are either so general as to lack any clear sense of community, or so small that there’s barely anything there at all. (Or the instance is closed and I can’t tell.)

@humphrey I've looked through directories a few times, and a lot of the interesting ones have closed registrations. seems to be the best of the open ones, but I'm still deciding.

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@th I always assumed that the slash in GNU slash Linux was like the slash in Kirk slash Spock

Sigh. Got this working by going the other direction. HTML is a span with the alt text, and CSS replaces it with the image.

It does work, and I checked VoiceOver to verify that it still reads correctly there.

But it still feels kinda gross.

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Honestly, it'd be better if I could somehow tell it to ignore the image and just display the alt text.

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I'm redoing my blog and I'm trying to make sure it looks decent in eww as well. It was going fine for a while, but the moment I added an image things got really annoying really fast.

There's apparently no way at all to hint to eww how big an image should be. Shr doesn't support CSS, and I sorta figured that. But even if you assign height/width directly on the image (SVG in this case) it just doesn't seem to care. :-/

@NovaSquirrel Well, I think in particular having your experience with Nova playing into your contributions is gonna be worth a lot. You’ve been putting a lot of work into it and that’ll probably give you a strong sense of where the current documentation falls short for gamedev.

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I've been helping out with a new SNES development wiki:

I'm hoping that providing a well-written, well-formatted guide (that considers a game developer perspective instead of only an emulator one) helps make the SNES less intimidating to program for.

@NovaSquirrel Thank you! I’m probably still a ways off from really trying SNES but having a wealth of useful details when I get there will be really nice. It looks a lot more complicated than the NES (although obviously not without rewards)

@JordiGH Third variant: Tryna, which in some cases seems, but not all, to have acquired the meaning of "want to".See: (warning, some of these are sexual)

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