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While @chr technically gave us another two months' reprieve, I should probably go ahead and migrate this account since I'm probably not the target audience for the reprieve. (I haven't done an export yet, but I'm sure mine'll be small enough to be no trouble.)

cybre definitely had a good sense of community, and style all its own. Feels weird seeing it go riding off into the sunset, but I'm glad it was here for the time it was. Thanks for everything, @chr!

I spent the last few weeks looking around for other instances. I went as far as setting up an instance for myself, but in the last few days a few other options have shown up, and I think I'll be trying one of them out.

To all my cybre friends, I wish you all well and may we all keep the spirit of this place alive wherever we go! :cybre:

Moving to, BTW. Just in case the banner doesn't show up well enough.

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Although, now that I'm trying ot move, it keeps telling me that the new account isn't an alias of the old one. Double and triple checked it. Might be ?

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