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I'm redoing my blog and I'm trying to make sure it looks decent in eww as well. It was going fine for a while, but the moment I added an image things got really annoying really fast.

There's apparently no way at all to hint to eww how big an image should be. Shr doesn't support CSS, and I sorta figured that. But even if you assign height/width directly on the image (SVG in this case) it just doesn't seem to care. :-/

Honestly, it'd be better if I could somehow tell it to ignore the image and just display the alt text.

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Sigh. Got this working by going the other direction. HTML is a span with the alt text, and CSS replaces it with the image.

It does work, and I checked VoiceOver to verify that it still reads correctly there.

But it still feels kinda gross.

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