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mixer pcbs are here. panels are supposed to arrive later today


blathers my friend, today is your lucky day

me in real life: flinches at pretty much any flying insect.
me in animal crossing: shaking trees for hours hoping a swarm of angry bees will come out so i can take them and sell them for money

building a little cardboard lightbox for doing product photography. just need some white poster board for the backdrop and i'll be all set

the parts for the mixer module showed up but the knobs dont fit the pots snugly and also are like twice the size i was expecting, so it looks like im gonna need to make another order. neither the pcbs nor the panels have arrived yet, so no big deal.

also i'm working on an online store for selling modules/kits/pcbs/panels/whatever, as well as a ✨pretty✨ informational site, because i cant be arsed to completely re-style the canned online storefront im using lmao. plus the info site is gonna have a little wiki explaining all kinds of modular stuff to help beginners get started. so expect that soon-ish!


i think the fact that my inventory looks like this before ive even completed the tutorial is a sign that acnh is gonna do bad things to me

could probably make a 2x4 passive mult for like 5 bucks lol

another module done! a 4 channel mixer this time. could probably sell kits for $25

i'd probably get more work done if i spent less time making these schematics ✨pretty✨

with my recent modular synth fiddlings eating up the little money i have, i thought it appropriate to address some things before i start asking internet strangers for money again:

oh and the caps i ordered ended up being much bigger than i was expecting, so i had to cram them in there bent like that. that's an easy thing to fix for next time though

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boy, essential tremor does NOT make it easy to solder. this one was especially rough since i haven't soldered anything in at least a year. but! it works! here it is powering a couple other modules, complete with warped 3d-printed test panel and janky led i had to remove and flip around cause i got it backwards in the schematic lmao

power supply pcbs have arrived, still waiting on parts

i did some math, and i could sell an equivalent to tiptop audio's z-ears tabletop with 84hp rails ($56), with 3d printed ears instead of aluminum (they're still plenty strong) for potentially as low as $35, depending on how much i can save by buying in bulk

this one is unusually expensive because i need a particular $14 inverting DC/DC converter for it and i can't really work around it. i'm anticipating future simple modules being cheaper

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projected price for the power supply module is $40-50 for a kit, $60-75 assembled and tested. can't do the final math until i've actually bought everything

front panel is done now, sans something to fill up that empty space

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