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could probably make a 2x4 passive mult for like 5 bucks lol

another module done! a 4 channel mixer this time. could probably sell kits for $25

i'd probably get more work done if i spent less time making these schematics ✨pretty✨

with my recent modular synth fiddlings eating up the little money i have, i thought it appropriate to address some things before i start asking internet strangers for money again:

oh and the caps i ordered ended up being much bigger than i was expecting, so i had to cram them in there bent like that. that's an easy thing to fix for next time though

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boy, essential tremor does NOT make it easy to solder. this one was especially rough since i haven't soldered anything in at least a year. but! it works! here it is powering a couple other modules, complete with warped 3d-printed test panel and janky led i had to remove and flip around cause i got it backwards in the schematic lmao

power supply pcbs have arrived, still waiting on parts

i did some math, and i could sell an equivalent to tiptop audio's z-ears tabletop with 84hp rails ($56), with 3d printed ears instead of aluminum (they're still plenty strong) for potentially as low as $35, depending on how much i can save by buying in bulk

this one is unusually expensive because i need a particular $14 inverting DC/DC converter for it and i can't really work around it. i'm anticipating future simple modules being cheaper

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projected price for the power supply module is $40-50 for a kit, $60-75 assembled and tested. can't do the final math until i've actually bought everything

front panel is done now, sans something to fill up that empty space

finished designing the power supply module! now i just need to make a front panel

kicad files and such available here:

spent today learning kicad. it's way more cumbersome than eagle, but it's free and it supports generating, viewing, and exporting 3d models without relying on 3rd party plugins, which is nice. actually i spent most of today figuring out a kicad -> blender workflow lmao. but! i'm working on a power supply module atm

trashbyte relayed

Reminder, non binary people don't owe you:

their agab
they/them pronouns
forgiveness for fucking up

You owe non binary people:

five dollars

oh, and i can sell kits and stuff to make things even more economical, if you're handy with a soldering iron.

also everything 100% OSHW

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hey synth nerds:

if i made some ultra-cheap digital eurorack modules (and analog later when i have some more capital), who'd be interested? (and willing to buy)

im thinkin like, i could make decent digital vco/vcf/vca/adsr/whatever modules for, i dunno, $25 each? plus i'd like to design and sell PC-modular interface modules for moving audio and MIDI between a modular synth and a PC, and some sort of case that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. ideally i'd like to have a decent two-oscillator monosynth setup, including PC interfaces, case, and power supply that could be bought for ~$250 or less.

does this interest any of yall?


i wonder if i'll ever stop being "that guy who shows up with a cool new project and then disappears for 6 months"

here's what i've been working on for the past couple days
(volume warning partway through, the richer waveforms are quite loud at the same amplitude)
the audio in this video is noisy (thanks AAC) but it's perfectly clear in the program itself

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