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finished designing the power supply module! now i just need to make a front panel

kicad files and such available here:

here's what i've been working on for the past couple days
(volume warning partway through, the richer waveforms are quite loud at the same amplitude)
the audio in this video is noisy (thanks AAC) but it's perfectly clear in the program itself

added another editor utility! this one checks for any textures larger than the given size. also i added a loading bar so the editor doesn't just hang while it runs

smol bastard pretending to be a harmless box (just imagine theres some Gun in those compartments or something)

also! i've been slowly adding nodes to my BPUtils library for as i've needed them, including:
• angle between vectors
• clamp int (reflected)
• remap angle to ±180°
• actor-relative offset
• clamp float 0-1
• message log clear and log message with asset link
• parse command line option
• request exit (quit)

i've been thinking about maybe making my own spiritual successor to it. i was wondering how quickly i could throw together a proof-of-concept demo...
it took about 30 minutes

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spent today making some workflow improvements to help me adhere to my naming conventions in

leggy boy has animations now! and he responds to being attacked too

i just posted a project update on my blog!

it covers the stuff i posted on patreon earlier, as well as the new free climbing system!

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