bitches be like "lisp is so hard to read!! look at all the parentheses!!!" as if they never write code like this

i've also made this model of a pin tumbler lock which i'll probably turn into some sort of needlessly-accurate lockpicking minigame

here's a render of some little boards i've been designing for breadboarding modular synth stuff (WIP)

i also made this little icon that has way too much detail you cant even see at 64px

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after a few days of flailing about with the 20-something classes it takes to make a custom editor in UE4, i finally have the beginnings of a graph-based procgen system going

i've mostly been working on boring codestuff lately so here's some screenshots of more visually interesting procgen things i've done recently

i can also do this neat two color thing but it makes the shadows even worse

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sample photo with my lightbox. im not totally happy with the diffusion of the lighting or the whiteness of the backdrop but its something

mixer pcbs are here. panels are supposed to arrive later today


blathers my friend, today is your lucky day

building a little cardboard lightbox for doing product photography. just need some white poster board for the backdrop and i'll be all set

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