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long post, thoughts on creativity 

i've been feeling really restless and directionless lately about creating, and i've been doing some thinking about how to get through this block, and i've made a realization.

i thought back to a few years ago when i was making a bunch of stuff effortlessly and i realized the reason i was able to do that was because i *wasn't* focusing on an end goal at the start. i didn't even *have* an end goal, i was just making stuff.

obviously, having goals is important in any kind of work, but i think for creative work, feeling like you *need* rigidly defined goals before you even start can make it really hard to start in the first place. in game design for example, you'll obviously need well-defined goals to finish the project, but it's quite common to just screw around and make things and let the game reveal itself in the chaos. somewhere along the way i forgot that creating things is ultimately about exploration, not making a Product. it's the journey not the destination, and so on

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long post, thoughts on creativity 

of course, the reason i got so focused on the end product is from struggling to find financial means to support myself.

As Always, The Root Problem Is Capitalism

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