complaining about money 

i'm in a really annoying place financially right now. i'm *just* on the cusp of being able to sell product but there's a bunch of expenses between here and there so i'm just spending the days researching *how* to file an LLC, what accounting software is good (that i cant buy yet), what supplies and equipment i *would* need to buy, etc. it's kinda demoralizing.

i'm not trying to guilt anyone into giving me money or anything, i'm just frustrated


complaining about money 

i probably qualify for a COVID-19 relief check, for as much as $1200, but afaik i need to file my taxes first to be eligible, and due to having an "unusual case" (some weird college fund penalty fees) i need to pay like $100 to file (or try to file manually but that sounds like a disaster)

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cant we just overthrow capitalism already smh

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