hey synth nerds:

if i made some ultra-cheap digital eurorack modules (and analog later when i have some more capital), who'd be interested? (and willing to buy)

im thinkin like, i could make decent digital vco/vcf/vca/adsr/whatever modules for, i dunno, $25 each? plus i'd like to design and sell PC-modular interface modules for moving audio and MIDI between a modular synth and a PC, and some sort of case that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. ideally i'd like to have a decent two-oscillator monosynth setup, including PC interfaces, case, and power supply that could be bought for ~$250 or less.

does this interest any of yall?

oh, and i can sell kits and stuff to make things even more economical, if you're handy with a soldering iron.

also everything 100% OSHW

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@lwr82 @trashbyte i've never tried modular, not even digital, but i'd be down to check them out. it's something i should learn one of these days anyway

@trashbyte if I had the income I would be down for this!! the idea sounds great

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