anyway i haven't had much to show about the mmo project lately cause im working on a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff, and doing a lot of brainstorming with the other folks working on this

for those not in the know, i'm working on a mmo third person shooter (like warframe) but based on a federated network design. the server files will be available for anyone to download so anyone can host their own node on the network (like mastodon!). and there'll be whitelisting/blacklisting and all of that too to keep out hackers and other bad actors

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we're thinking about making each instance have it's own shared social space that can be decorated, upgraded, etc. it'd be cool to have each instance work like a little village, where folks commonly know each other and they can hang out in a shared space that serves as their sorta "home" for the game

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and of course it'd be cool if nodes could make their own custom per-instance content too. that's definitely on the list of stretch goals

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