here's what i've been working on for the past couple days
(volume warning partway through, the richer waveforms are quite loud at the same amplitude)
the audio in this video is noisy (thanks AAC) but it's perfectly clear in the program itself

after (checks calendar) 12 days, my first product on the marketplace has been approved!

it's nothing fancy but hey, if you like LUTs, we got LUTs

just posted part one in a 3-part tutorial series on making your own blueprint nodes in C++! This one's aimed at beginners, so don't worry if you don't know much about C++, it walks you through everything.

tfw you accidentally click "rebuild" instead of "build" and now you're waiting 2 hours for unreal engine to build from scratch .ᵐ.

well, i've reached a point where i don't feel comfortable fully working on personal projects due to my finances. from now on i'll be devoting more time to things that can earn me money sooner than releasing A Whole Game, like freelance work and selling on the unreal marketplace. i don't *like* selling game assets; i'd much rather give them out for free. but unfortunately i've gotta pay the bills.

added another editor utility! this one checks for any textures larger than the given size. also i added a loading bar so the editor doesn't just hang while it runs

(this was made with Jonathon Frederick's "Modular Scifi Season 2 Starter Bundle", which is available for free on the unreal marketplace!)

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developer personal milestone: made a load balancer :>

animating is the most awful tedious shit ever, but it's paradoxically fun and satisfying at the same time

smol bastard pretending to be a harmless box (just imagine theres some Gun in those compartments or something)

also! i've been slowly adding nodes to my BPUtils library for as i've needed them, including:
• angle between vectors
• clamp int (reflected)
• remap angle to ±180°
• actor-relative offset
• clamp float 0-1
• message log clear and log message with asset link
• parse command line option
• request exit (quit)

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