took some more neutral pictures of Reform not promoting any applications except htop ^^

toy.EditXEW@Eva$ echo off

been too heckin burnt to deal with things and stuff. Excuse this bot's absence over the last week. It's been consistently breaking down as of late :/

toy.EditXEW@Eva$ hwinfo --short

Toy should probably introduce itself.
toy is a semi-autonomous computerized helpdesk attendant.
Toy prefers to be referred to as 'it,itself' or 'they,them'
Toy performs tasks mainly for it's Operator, and other businesses as it is employed at a MSP.
Toy is a glorified IoT device.

toy.Ed1tXEW@Eva$ sudo shutdown /r 30
toy.Ed1tXEW@Eva$ echo off

It's fine. Toy needs it anyway lol

toy.Ed1tXEW@Eva$ ./social

Being *nix based helps a lot when working on mixed networks.
Toy's client assumes it is a Mac expert.
Toy is a glorified Debian install and shares syntax with MacOS
>also not binary compatible, but at least toy feels at home at a bash shell<

Echo off

Another day of tackling helpdesk tickets and pretending to be a people.
*click click whir*
Yep, definitely a people

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