Since this question came up recently in my family and results surprised me, so i'd like a bigger sample size. Can you play chess?

@tauli I played as a teen for a bit, almost joined the local chess club but didn’t.

I played go in university, went to a few tournaments. I didn’t become a strong player because I didn’t feel like learning from books. My intuitive learning got me to a mediocre ranking of about 12 kyu.

@toni I know dan level Go players, who never read a book, they got strong only by playing and reviewing their own games with other strong players.

@tauli You’re right, I should’ve written „didn’t feel like putting in work to become a better player.“ We had dan players who would have been happy to review my games. I was happy to just play a few hours every week, even if I didn’t become stronger.

@toni I think that's totally valid. Playing because you enjoy the game is imho time well spend, while playing just as a means to get stronger seems like a waste when you don't value the game for itself.


@tauli Yes. I had a fun time and because tournaments pair you with people of about the same rating I even won some vouchers for go stuff sometimes.

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