Warum kosten Selbsttests eigentlich noch immer 3€ das Stück im normalen Handel. Wir waren mal bei 0,80€. Regelmäßig zuhause testen ist also quasi ein Luxusgut. #derMarktRegeltNicht

(Rhetorische frage, keine Antworten bitte.)

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Neo, what the fuck are you doing?

Es mag einsam wirken, aber manchmal braucht es auch ein bisschen Ruhe um einen Weg für die Zukunft zu finden. #oneLeahADay #photogrphy #mastoart

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"This party is full of fascinating people!"
"So who might you be?"
"I'm an International Being of Mystery."
"Don't you mean 'International Man of Mystery'?"
"Giving away both gender and species? Then what mystery would remain?"
"Ah, saying that tells so much!"
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

test ride on the new Gelände-ICE (all-terrain Intercity Express) of the Deutsche Bahn!

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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Ich habe Leuten kreative Freiheit bei der Gestaltung meines Badges gegeben, und das Ergebnis ist erschreckend.

Hi! I'm looking to hire someone to do privacy standards work for Apple at W3C, 3GPP, ISO, etc. I'm particularly interested in talking to folk who are underrepresented in tech. The position is remote, so you don't have to relocate! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.



people love to be like "nooo i dont agree with anti-car movements because thats ableist"
like bro do you know how many people are unable to drive cars and as a result completely unable to exist in certain cities because of their disabilities?? how the fuck are non-walkable cities "accessible"
if anything, walkable cities means you have to walk less than in car-centric cities without a car and pedestrian roads are prioritized so you can actually safely cross the road with a wheelchair/cane

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in fact, "cities without personal cars" means we can have
- wider and safer roads for pedestrians, including both those who walk, use mobility aids and those who use a wheelchair
- roads that still exist for emergency vehicles (ambulances etc), small personal motor vehicles for people who cant/dont walk (not cars because those are fucking huge and very much overkill)
- public transport
- smaller distances between things so you can walk less

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I believe that you can build a life that you enjoy as a nonbinary person.

Even if you must reinvent yourself, or change your plans, or things turn out a little differently than you had imagined.

You'll make it one way or another.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #lifepositivity

Psst, buddy. Yeah, you. C'mere.

Wanna buy a camera, yeah? What kind of timezone are you interested in?

Yeah, timezone. We've got cameras from all over. Want one of those weird concertina things? Powder on a stick that goes poof? Maybe you like something a bit more modern.

I can give you an instant one if you want. Instant!

No? You want that one? Seriously? No, sir, not my place to judge. Here's your... your phone.

Honestly, no respect for the classics these days.

#CreativeToots #MastoArt

Weil jetzt gerade wieder unterschiedlich präzise Informationen zu #Affenpocken rumgeistern: Prinzipiell ist aktuell noch nicht so viel bekannt, um z.B. genaue Übertragungswege oder Herkunft einzugrenzen.

Was aber komischerweise immer geht: Stigmatisierung bestimmter Personengruppen sei es aufgrund sexueller Orientierung oder nationaler oder kontinentaler Herkunft.

Phew! It's been a busy week or two! But I've managed to find some time to work on a few pieces for my personal project.

Eventually this will be part of a Viking-themed hack of Blades in the Dark that my partner and I are working on!

#MastoArt #ttrpg #history

Donnerstags und Samstags im Juli und August gibt's queere Filme im BR und rbb + Mediatheken.


Natürlich mitten in der Nacht, weil??? You know...


@methyltheobromine that one meme of a comic strip where a meeting is going on, and someone usually get thrown out of a window after the third person to answer says something abnormal.

in this variation of the meme, the people have been replaced with patterns from Conway's Game of Life.

The first panel has the boss pattern (a still-life called beehive) asking the meeting room:

"Alright, what do we do in the iterations?"

The second panel has the other three characters answering.
The first (a still-life called block) answers "stay still"
The second (an oscillator called blinker) answers "blink"
The third character, (a spaceship called glider) who usually appears to not be paying much attention and slumping on the table answers "move"

The third/fourth panel is two close up shots of beehive's face and glider's face. beehive's background is red to imply anger, while glider's face hasn't changed from the indifference from the previous panel.

The last panel shows the outside of a tall building with a broken window. Usually the third character is seen to have been tossed out of this window, but this picture has been turned into a video, and the glider appears at the window and does the movement towards the bottom-right that it does in Conway's Game of Life until it disappears off the bottom edge while at the same time looping back around to the top of the image. it continues down-and-right until it goes off the right edge of the panel and the video ends (or loops)


at the very bottom is has:

Copyright 2012 John Kleckner

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