I learned another word today that’s relevant to me: alexythemia. The inability to tell or name what you’re feeling.

I can confirm it’s very inconvenient for psychotherapy.

Today’s card is The Moon, bringing strange things out of the dark. It’s a day to be wild and spontaneous, and follow your instincts. But be alert and listen to your gut - wild and strange isn’t necessarily safe

"No!" her father said.
"But you said I could have a pet!"
"A snake, or cat, or... Not a dragon!"
"Hi," said the dragon.
"You can't keep a sentient cre- person as a pet!"
"Can I have a dragon as a friend?"
Her father looked at the dragon.
"Are you her friend?"
"I love your Penny."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

impostor syndrome be like "i need to be better than everyone else combined"

Today’s card is Temperance, wishing you A joyful balance today. If it feels like you’ve been leaning hard into one particular coping strategy, then it may be time to try something new

gender dysphoria? no you got it all wrong, i'm suffering from gender dystopia

Jobsuche 2 - eclectic boogaloo 

Ich suche nach wie vor einen neuen Job. Ich bin Backend Web Developer, habe zuletzt mit C# und .NET Core gearbeitet, habe aber auch Praxiserfahrung in vielen anderen Sprachen unter andrem PHP, Python, Javascript und etwas Rust.

Wichtig wären mir für einen neuen Job, Remotes Arbeiten, 30h Woche und eine queer freundliche

to be honest it’s much more likely I’ll play it on a modern system with or without a bad CRT filter *sigh*

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I hoped to use the snes mini with an adapter, but it doesn’t make any sense. So if I really want to play Final Fantasy VI/III on this, I’ll have to buy a used SNES.

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I’ve finally tried out the trash TV yesterday with my PS2. It works quite well. But there’s bad news as well:

The snes mini has no way of outputting a suitable signal. My PS2 is even more broken than I remembered; there’s no way I’m gonna use that. And the TV is set to a ridiculously high brightness, I’ll need a remote to tune that down.

I guess I’ll clean it and put it in storage for now, and when I feel like retro gaming I have a suitable TV ready.

Being trans and not having "always known" is freakin valid, damn it

Today’s card is The Sun, wishing you warmth and light and renewal today

Today’s card is The Star, wishing you hope and comfort and healing today, and an end to bad times

Black Kites are possibly the most common Kite in Eastern Australia. You see them along highways pretty much everywhere outside of major built up areas, usually cruising around looking for roadkill, or at roadkill on/near the roads.

#AustralianWildlife #photo #bird #BlackKite #nature

„Ich mache nur meine Arbeit! Hätte ich etwa alle anderen 58 Fahrzeuge abschleppen lassen sollen?“, fragte sie ins Publikum und erntete ein im Chor ausgerufenes „Ja!“ als Antwort.

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