Dogs are allowed in the bed.
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Hello, is anyone interested in these 2 sets of dice by Chessex? They are the frosted 7-die-sets in smoke and red. Also, I have a set of 8 dice in frosted blue, with 3 4-sided dice, d8, d10 and d100 (10s), d12 and d20. DM please. :d20: Boost okay!

A firsthand account of a transatlantic trip on the Hindenburg, written in 1992 & reprinted in Air & Space Magazine last week

something I've kind of gradually learned from quiet conversations over the years is that there are a LOT of people out there who are in some sense trans, but who will never talk about it openly and never transition because it doesn't feel possible to them

OH, kink 

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new tattoo, seminudity, :boosts_ok_gay: 

when I started passing as cis, I experienced social acceptance for my gender expression for the first time. "_now_ you can wear makeup". as long as I stay stealth, as long as they don't know I'm trans. (Julia Serano's term for "passing" is "conditional cis privilege").

so I started wearing trans pride symbols 24/7, but it quickly become clear that most cis folk don't know these yet. the only thing that would be clear enough would be the word "transgender" spelled out, tattooed in some very visible place. but I couldn't quite make up my mind about where. till I saw @dancebriadance's awesome collection of hand-poked tats, and looking at their hand, it dawned on me...

Ban Time Travel “Now” (web button, unknown author, published on Geocities ca late 1990s or early 2000s)

5. It gets better.

It gets better.

I swear to Gods, it gets better.

I didn't think it would, I was so miserable. But it has, beyond my actual pre-transition ability to even imagine.

Don't think about how long it'll take, because guaranteed, it'll take longer than you want it to.

Just keep breathing and doing what it takes to pull through, and life will feel 100% less cursed.

I love you. You got this.


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I have a few reflections and advice on the 5-year anniversary of coming out as transgender:

1. The best piece of advice I got: "Your transition belongs to you." There are no true rules in this. You don't even have to transition, and you certainly don't have to transition to anything established, or understandable to anyone else.

There are no objective body schedules or social milestones. You are free to make up WHATEVER you want. And you are free to push for your standards to be respected and assisted. Transition belongs to you.

Outside of hard-and-fast medical numbers and safety guidelines (real physical safety, not gatekeeping bullshit), you'll encounter invisible rails attempting to direct your experience. It's alright to oppose this, and to call them out. But the core of your experience is your own, and that can't be taken away.


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One of those I Spy or Where's Waldo style books, but it's a dragon hoard and some of the kobolds are very hard to spot

crochet and/or knitting: The art of making knots that are so complicated you can wear them.


For people asking „how large is that balcony?“


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