@managingautie I don't have names for my different kinds of stimming, and while I use certain stims for specific situations, they are also very dependent on my general mood and condition. And I think I mostly use sitmming for focus-aiding.

+ stim toys like fidget cubes help me while thinking alone or sometimes while being in bars with people (but that may be related to being a mostly ex smoker...), but they can be a bit stressful for more quieter situations

+ less complex (and exciting) stim toys like those marbles in plastic mesh tubes help me with in-person discussion groups and during more chill conversations.

+ doodling or other repetetive stuff (like simple stitching, small crafting) was already mentioned, and it especially helps me focussing during videos or streams, where I don't have any other input but want to really listen

Ich habe zwei Tickets für die **Einstürzenden Neubauten** abzugeben.

Die spielen kommenden Dienstag (14.6.) open air in der Arena in und ich kann da nicht hin.


gerne weiterleiten, bitte boosten, usw

The best thing about this part of our garden is that is doesn't need to be tended.

The patch is like: "Leave me tf alone!" :angery:

And we are like: "Okay whatevs, do you thing..." :blobshrug:

And then the garden is like: "Sweet! These strawberries are delicious as heck, have some!" :blobnom:

nice, hast du einen song als empfehlung zum reinhören?

bistdudeppad, ich wusste ned, dass man so aggressive lieder übers chillen und owezaahn machen kann. :metal_claw:

»Heckspoiler« aus oberösterreich machen stoner/punk nur mit bass und gitarre und ich feiers hart.


> jeder wü a Profi sei - i wü mi neta niedaleng; i wü mi niedaleng, a wengal niedaleng

My favorite page from the latest "Algorithms of Late Capitalism" zine on "Bots, ghosts and other workers" is this one. I genuinely want to play that game with my friends.

The full zine is available here: algorithmsoflatecapitalism.tum

je nachdem wo man unterwegs ist, kann die local timeline ein wichtiger teil der community-erfahrung sein - das ist auf sehr großen instanzen viel schwieriger und auf solo-instanzen halt gar nicht möglich.


Ich finde dazu die Beobachtung spannend, dass Musk das genau zu dem Zeitpunkt macht als Tesla die bisher größte Rückrufaktion für seine Elektrokarren starten musste:

digiKam is a full-fledged photo management suite, but it does a lot of the things you asked for really well. never tried it on windows yet, tho


Listening to Jeff Rosenstock covering my second favorite Scottish band is a nice way of remembering seeing them play in Glasgow last month


At least the sun is shining. Theres a lot if birds and insects around.

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I'd love to say I like maintenance work, but fixing flat tires is among the most annoying things I have to do regularly.

:weary_computer_user: I really have to stop myself from not boosting everything by the 'Deepspace 90210' bot @trekkies posts

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