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We can see the MARIT MERSK again! The three tugboats are turning it around to park!

(And the ARTEMIS is back again)

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Well since they probably wont come into frame any more: This is the MARIT MERSK coming in from Gdansk, Poland, being dragged in by the MED SIRIUS, the MED VEGA and the SVITZER RAN.

Tugboats are the coolest little dudes :ok_hand_b2:

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Coming up next is the KM SHANGHAI. They spent the last weeks crossing the ocean, coming in from Paranagua in Brazil.

I watched the small but fast motorboat approach it, so the pilot knowing the harbour well could board the bigger vessel to park it safely.

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Well, what the heck are you? Are those two giant bollards on your deck or are you just happy to see the lighthouse?

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With the THEMIS leaving and the MORNING PILOT coming in, there are two huge verhicle carriers on the horizon.

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There she is again! The Artemis is almost a hundred years old.

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The lighthouse in is still standing. It seems to be a nice day at the north sea, there are some cool ships around.

If you need to stare at a screen anyways, why not watch a livestream of a lighthouse about to topple over?

Vertical solar power plants produce power in the range of horizontal panels, but allow for more various uses of the land beneath.
☀️ ⚡ 🔋 🌻

They have other advantages as well:
+ less summer/winter difference compared to regular panel placing
+ peaks in the morning and evening balance regular panels' peaks


The best thing about this part of our garden is that is doesn't need to be tended.

The patch is like: "Leave me tf alone!" :angery:

And we are like: "Okay whatevs, do you thing..." :blobshrug:

And then the garden is like: "Sweet! These strawberries are delicious as heck, have some!" :blobnom:

My favorite page from the latest "Algorithms of Late Capitalism" zine on "Bots, ghosts and other workers" is this one. I genuinely want to play that game with my friends.

The full zine is available here: algorithmsoflatecapitalism.tum

I'd love to say I like maintenance work, but fixing flat tires is among the most annoying things I have to do regularly.

Today we played »STRIKE! a game of worker rebellion« for the first time and won by organizing the people of Mercury City against the monopoly of HappyCorp! ✊

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