This is ridiculous. She doesn't even fit on this laptop case!

I am really stoked that there is a picture of an excited red panda holding a horrified seaweed leaf printed on my ramen.

"The bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created. Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon."
—Bill Strickland
(Chart: Scientific American)

The sphinx in front of your next weird D&D campaign

I'm really, really trying...

But holy smokes, ! You're not making it easy for me!

the first two things I got for my birthday today were those cute felt slippers and a new cozy nightgown. the was not as excited as me...

This early 90s yugoslavian computer magazine cover is some hot cyberpunk shit:

Those triad thugs won't stand a chance against my army of drones!

When they emptied this old neighbours apartment they put her softpornstash in the hallway.

Österreichische Mobilfunkbetreiber wollen öffentlichen Grund 'kostenlos oder günstig' für ihre 5G-Antennen nutzen.

Find ich cool, ich will deren neue Netzwerke dann halt auch 'kostenlos oder günstig' nutzen.

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